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Newsletter Archives - 2010
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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BC-12 Interior Style by Bob Goodison (January)
Bridges to Buntzen (Permanent #53) by Keith Nichol
Maple Falls ~205 (Permanent # 55) by Cheryl Lynch
Chilliwack Crescent Reverse (Permanent # 55) by Rick den Braber
Night Riding History by Harold Bridge
King Edward Detour from Harold Bridge
VicPop @ U-Vic from Dave Macmurchie
2009 Permanents Stats from Bob Koen (February)
Maple Falls 223 (Permanent # 55) by Keith Nichol
Rule Changes and Clarifications for 2010 by Eric Fergusson
Early BC Randonneur, Alan Ingham dies at 61 by Dan McGuire (March)
Spring Social - Oscar Night by Raymond Parker
Ken Reports in from California by Ken Bonner
Hardly a Ramble by Doug Fox
There is no joy on Joy Road (SF 400) by Ken Bonner
An Introduction To The Sunshine Coast And Beyond by Harold Bridge (April)
Tour Of Cowichan 200 - Pre-ride Report by Lee Ringham
Clean & Lube Your Bicycle by Raymond Parker
Pacific Populaire (Rider's Report) by Kay Cahill
Pacific Populaire (Rider's Report) by Alex Pope
PacPop Routes on Garmin Connect from Alex & Eric
Eau de Hell 200km Brevet by Keith Nichol
Eau de Hell 300km Brevet by Keith Nichol
Eau de Hell 400km Brevet by Keith Nichol
Eau de Hell 600km Brevet by Keith Nichol
When the going gets tough, cry but keep pedalling by Cheryl Lynch
A Snowy Three Capes by Ken Bonner
1911 Control Card from Harold Bridge
Confessions of a Hell Week Rookie by Jim Runkel
Shorter Southern Rambles 304 - Permanent #64 Report by Doug Fox
Eau de Hell Week 2010 - Series Organizer's Report by Ken Bonner
Faceplant by Harold Bridge
Flesh and Steel (Part one: The Tour de Cowichan of Hell Week) by Bob Boonstra
Flesh and Steel (Part two: ...300, 400, 600 of Hell Week) by Bob Boonstra
Eau de Hell Week - Cycling 1500 km in 66:25 (Island Sports News) by Editor
Interior 200 Report by Richard Blair
"The Hills Are Alive" 300 km by Steve Mahovlic
BC Cycling Legend Lorne "Ace" Atkinson Dies at 88 from Alex , Eric & Harold
Pemberton 300 by Deirdre Arscott (May)
Wheels of Life by Alex Van Tol
650 vs 700 by Kevin Bruce
2010 Peace 300 Km: A Wild Ride by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Eh Team - Sunshine Coast and Beyond by Keith Nichol
"Highway to Hell" 400 km Brevet by Steve Mahovlic
Shuswap Highlands 300 Randonée by Bob Boonstra
Highway to Hell...the Hellions Return by Jim Runkel
Ian Fillinger’s Race Across America to End MS by Alex Pope
400km Brevet: Beyond Hope (DNF) by Alex Pope
Blog Links by Alex Pope
Peace 400: the Roller Coaster Ride to Tumbler Ridge and Back by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Pacific Rim Red Eye 600 by Steve Mahovlic
On the Wrong Side of the Road by Harold Bridge (June)
Pacific Shoreline Pre-ride - Two Reports by Brynne Croy & Lee Ringham
Night and Day by Ron Penner
Upsy-Downsy 1000 by Ken Bonner
Rando Rookie by Guido Van Duyn
Night Riding by Ron Himschoot
SIR 600 - 2 Photos by Ron Himschoot
Eureka 1000 by Ken Bonner
600km Brevet: Merritt Loop Counterclockwise by Alex Pope
Shorter Southern Rambles - Interior 600 Report by Doug Fox
Shorter Southern Rambles - Bob's View by Bob Goodison
H &T 1000 by Jim Runkel
Hare & Tortoise 1000 by Ken Bonner
Diablo’s Triple 1000 by Ken Bonner
Permanent #65 Sea to Sky to Sea by Dug Andrusiek
Keith's Salmon Arm 1000 by Keith Fraser
Cheryl's Salmon Arm 1000 by Cheryl Lynch
Die 2009 Grosse Bayern Rundfahrt: 847.5 km Yet To Go! by E.W. (Wim) Kok
BC Riders at Cascade 1200 by Eric Fergusson
Cascade 1200 Results by Eric Fergusson
Renfrew 300 by Lee Ringham
1000km Brevet: Bella Coola (DNF) by Alex Pope
Barely Made It: Bella Coola 1000 km by Gary Sparks (July)
VanIsle 1200 Stories by Bob, Guido, Bob & Ken (August)
Randonneur rules: not just stuffy tradition by Raymond Parker
Trying One (Permanent #70: "O&H") by Harold Bridge
Bob Wet photo Liz Overduin
Fall Isle-Lander 200 Pre Ride Report by Jim Runkel
Interior Make-up Rides Organizer's Report by Bob Goodison
Skunked Rick’s adventure during Super Week by Rick den Braber (September)
Late For My First Brevet by Ben Coli
Quiche Brevet by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Kootenay Rocky 1000 Report by Bob Goodison
Rick and Gary's High Mountain Adventure by Rick den Braber
The Real Triple Mountain Challenge by Luis Bernhardt
A Ride of Firsts by Jim Runkel
Fall IsleLander Organizer's Report by Jim Runkel
Rain and Decisions by Lorraine Nygaard
Feature Photo: Jim & Philip by Dave Cambon
Rumble Strips of British Columbia by Dave Cambon
Road Trip by Guido Van Duyn
2010 AGM Ride & Brunch by Eric Fergusson (October)
Gary & Jeff Finish Perth Albany Perth 1200 by Eric Fergusson
Thanksgivings Lowland 1000 by Bob Koen
Sea to Sky to Sea: Permanent 65 by Dug Andrusiek
Permanent Variations: Starting in the Middle & Reverse Direction Routes by Eric Fergusson
The "Ethics" of Randonneuring by Jim Runkel
Ken for Continentals by Staff
"It was a slice, Mate" (Perth Albany Perth 1200) by Gary Baker (November)

Flexiperms by Harold Bridge
Flexiperms - The Sequel by Bob Koen
Victoria - November Social Ride by Jim Runkel
Patagonia Ho ! by Ian Attewell
Eleventh Hour 200 Report by Tracy Barill
My Methven Meander 200 in Christchurch New Zealand by Gary Baker
Photo: Snow on Saanich Permanent from Ken Bonner
The Imperialist by Harold Bridge
Touring, 1964 Style by Harold Bridge
Hot Springs Pancake by Michel Richard
Peninsula 200 by Jim Runkel (December)
NorSquatch by Dug Andrusiek
2010 Can-Am Pins Awarded by Ken Bonner
Fraser Valley Flatlander 203 km by Karen Smith
Back to Mt. Baker on my first 400-kilometre randonnée by Raymond Parker
2010 Season Review by Eric Fergusson