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2011 Club Executive
Photo: Doug Latornell


Back row: Eric, Roger, Keith, Lee, Ryan
Front row: Ross, Susan, Deirdre, Richard, Ali, Cheryl
(Missing: Barry, Jeff, Patrick)

2010 Annual General Meeting
by Eric Fergusson

A quick word about the AGM on October 3. The ride (photos) was followed by brunch, awards and then a meeting which included the election of the 14-person club executive:

Cheryl Lynch - President
Jeff Mudrakoff - Vice President
Ali Holt - Secretary
Ross Nichol - Treasurer

Susan Allen - Member at Large
Deirdre Arscott - Member at Large
Richard Blair - Member at Large
Barry Chase - Member at Large
Eric Fergusson - Member at Large
Ryan Golbeck - Member at Large
Roger Holt - Member at Large
Keith Nichol - Member at Large
Lee Ringham - Member at Large
Patrick Wright - Member at Large

There has been more of a flow through on the executive in recent years. This year five members stepped aside: Tracy Barill and Bob Koen (who remain co-directors of the permanents program), Ray Parker, Nigel Press and Alex Pope.

A special word about Alex Pope (pictured here with Danika). He was a model president this year. He not only rode a huge number of rides, but followed up with reports, route data and photos. When he wasn't riding, he was organizing, volunteering and was a steady guiding hand behind the scenes. He ran the the five-brevet Super Week in August. He was treasurer 2005-2008. As always wife Barb was a big part of this picture. Many thanks for a job well done!

Joining the executive: Ryan Golbeck, Lee Ringham (who has agreed to be Vancouver Island brevet coordinator), long time club members Susan Allen and Keith Nichol, and finally Deirdre Arscott who rejoins the executive having been active in the late 1980s through the mid '90s.

Many thanks as always to AGM organizer Harold Bridge.


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October 10, 2010