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Shorter Southern Rambles 304
Permanent # 64 Report
by Doug Fox

Topping out in the Wauconda recreation area of Mid-eastern Washington, and specifically at the 100 year old, now mostly defunct, mining town of the same name, this ride does some justice to my view that a good bike ride is as much about the esthetics of the ride as it is about anything else. The Southern Okanagan and Similkimeen orchards, the cottage and ranch country of the Okanogan area around Tonasket, the above noted Wauconda area, the ranch and lake country around Chesaw, as well as every meter of the 2,650+ meters of climbing, are all visited on this tour. Well worth the considerable effort, but mind your starting time, the border crossing at Nighthawk, 69k in, doesn't open 'till 9AM.

Ride Date: April 18, 2010
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April 20, 2010