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Newsletter Archives - 2003
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Editor Susan Allen
(On-line Newsletter: Susan Allen)

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President's Poem by Frances Caton (2003 Newsletter - Issue 1)
The ABC's of Cycling Advocacy by Marion Orser
The Randonneurs Mondiaux Jersey by Réal Préfontaine
Lots and Lots of New Clothing by Danelle Laidlaw
"Get your stinkin' scissors away from my jacket!!" by Tom Hocking
Miles Beyond Randonneuring by Ralph Hildebrand
Veni, Vidi, Vici: My First RM 1200!" by Wim Kok
How the Universe Expanded by Tom Hocking
New Year's Day Populaire by Mike Poplawski
Fraser River Crossing by Ian Stephen
History by Harold Bridge
A Scrubber in Exalted Company by Harold Bridge
Wishing David Blanche a Speedy Recovery by Harold Bridge
Two Canada Jerseys... Say What? by Eric Fergusson
Tandems for Sale by Stella Meades
Getting Cranky by Richard Hallett & Harold Bridge
Social Ride Details (2003 Newsletter - Issue 2)
How well are you prepared for this year's series? by Danelle Laidlaw
Rider Alert by Danelle Laidlaw
Roger Street by Eric Fergusson
Roger Neil Street from the program handed out at Roger's wake
My Memory of Roger Street by Val White
Thank You by Susan Allen
A Better Control Card by Harold Bridge
Coronary Artery Disease from Road Bike Rider site
2002 Rocky Mountain 1200 - Rider Responses to Post Ride Questionnaire - compiled by Sharon Street
Eating an Elephant by Ron Himschoot
Island Riding by Cheryl Lynch
Summer 400 - 2002 by Harold Bridge
Note of Thanks to an Anonymous Cyclist by Ron Penner
Les Randonneur Mondiaux President's Letter #9 by Réal Préfontaine
Bicycle Choice Formula Keith Bontrager (submitted by Tom Hocking)
Highway 7 Distances by Harold Bridge
Editorial by Susan Allen (2003 Newsletter - Issue 3)
Lost and Found by Tom Hocking
Vancouver Island Organizer's 400 by Stephen Hinde
Sadism, Masochism and Lower Mainland 300s by Harold Bridge
Fleche Pacifique - 2003 by Harold Bridge
Hot Stuff by Barry Bogart
Breaking New Ground On The Sunshine Coast by Harold Bridge
My Dinners with Michel by Eric Fergusson
Henry Tumbles on the Rumbles by Eric Fergusson
Challenging The Keith Fraser Canyon by Harold Bridge
Cache Creek 600 by Mike Poplawski
For Sale by Tom Hocking
Annual General Meeting by Harold Bridge (2003 Newsletter - Issue 4)
Missing Bike Trailer by Gord Cook ~~>
Invitation to Russia by Andrey Hannolainen
Summer 600 by Harold Bridge
Tour of Greater Victoria 200 km Brevet by Mike Poplawski
Paris Brest - The Last Ditch Effort by Sarah Gallizan ~~> by Stella Meades ~~>
One More Ride: The 2003 Quiche Brevet by Wim Kok
AGM 2003 by Harold Bridge
Photos from the 2003 Road Cycling Worlds - Hamilton by Doug Latornell
Ten thousand point one by Kevin Bruce ~~>
PBP 2003: La grand'Adventure! by Wim Kok ~~>
Up Up & Away: 2003 Season Review by Eric Fergusson


The Material on these pages is taken from Editor Susan Allen's BC Randonneur newsletter pages 2000-2003
(Still on-line. Wait, no... gone in 2023)