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Interior Make-up Rides Organizer's Report
by Bob Goodison

The first ever Interior make up brevets are over, with a total of 12 riders, eight of whom used the opportunity to complete their Super Randonneur series. Temperatures varied from cool to cold, surprising for late August. Intermittent heavy rain made things interesting. The 400 km riders spent the day chasing storms, getting wet from road spray, but never actually getting rained on. The 600 km riders weren't so lucky. Some of them missed the rain completely, others were completely drenched. The 600 km route proved to be somewhat longer than what the route sheet said, due to the layout being done on Streets and Trips rather than actually measured. I will try to remedy this in the future. Of the 400 km riders polled, only two thought the route was more suited to a spring brevet and that an easier make up 400 should be developed.

The first 600 km riders in were Ryan Golbeck and Roger Holt at 33:18, despite Roger being very sore from a crash in the rain in Avola on the ride north. Next riders in were Peter Mair and Richard Blair at 34:55, who decided to ride together because their last names rhymed. Richard introduced Peter to the concept of sleeping and eating real meals during a brevet. Dave Robar and Dave Kirsop were next in at 37:44, riding together because their first names rhymed. This was Dave Robar's first 600 km and first Super Randonneur series. Ron Himschoot and Ali Holt were next in at 38:30, to complete Ali's 9th consecutive Super Randonneur series. Hanif Ladha and Shyam Chandran unfortunately did not finish.

Randy Benz and I completed the 400 km in 18:20, despite spending almost an hour and a half at 9 kmh on the climb from Little Fort to Bridge Lake. A tailwind from Kamloops to Little Fort and from Cache Creek to Savona helped.

Surprisingly there were no takers for the 200 km or 300 km routes. Overall the event was a success, and should become an annual tradition.

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August 31, 2010