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Newsletter Archives - 2006
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Editor Scott Gater
(On-line Newsletter: Eric Fergusson)

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New Booties From Old by Raymond Parker (January)
Only 19 Months Away by E.W. (Wim ) Kok
Paris-Brest-Paris & Recumbents by David Cambon (February)
My Little Secrets to PBP Survival by David Cambon (March)
C-KAP Top Honours to BC Randonneurs by Eric Fergusson
Eight Riders Receive New 40,000 Pin by Eric Fergusson
Victorian lecture: Randonneurs attract women by Raymond J. Parker
That Euphoric Feeling by Steve Lonergan (April)
200 km (241.7?) by Bob Goodison
Spring Training: Building mileage and confidence at the inaugural PacTour's Women's Week by Melissa Friesen
Riding Hill by Steve Lonergan (May)
Ron Robbed by Eric Fergusson
Sleep-riding through the Salish Sea: I dreamt I went to Hell and back by Raymond J. Parker
Last Train to Parksville by Deirdre Arscott
Abottsford (x 4) by Steve Lonergan (June)
Interior 600 - Okanagan Whine Tour by Bob Goodison
Quest for the Ultimate Rando Food by Bob Goodison
Cariboo Loop 1000 by Melissa Friesen
Pacific Range Explorer 1000 km by Eric Fergusson/Jeff Schlingloff (August)
Tim Pollock Dies at 81 by Eric Fergusson/Harold Bridge/Rita Pollock
Randonneur Extraordinaire - Gary's Birthday Card
Dan's VanIsle 1200 Story by Dan Wallace
Eli's VanIsle 1200 Story by Eli Brettler
Track 'n Tri - Alex & Cheryl Tackle Non-rando Events by Eric Fergusson (September)
The New VanIsle 1200K: The Randonneur Spirit On Vancouver Island by Lawrence Midura
Vancouver Island 1200: Hills! Sea Views! Totem Poles! by Nancy Guth
VanIsle Vagabond by Kent Peterson
Alberta Golden Triangle+ 400 km Brevet by E. W. (Wim) Kok
Ken Reports in from Colorado - Last Chance 1200 by Ken Bonner
The 2006 Inaugural VanIsle 1200 by Wim Kok
Arrivée: Alex/Barb Pope's baby by Eric Fergusson (October)
What Now? by Cheryl Lynch
Cascade 1000 by Wim Kok
"Free" Wheeling VanIsle 1200 by Melissa Friesen
Vancouver Island Hare & Tortoise 1000 by Greg Jones
New Editor: Karen Smith by Eric Fergusson
Slip Slidin' Ray by Raymond Parker (November)
Smells Like Trouble: Route Scandal Threatens Eau de Hell Week Plans by Eric Fergusson (December)
Route Scandal Broadens: More Leaked Photos Implicate Interior Hell Week Organizers by Eric Fergusson
Exciting "New 100 km Route for Pacific Populaire - New Road Around UBC Offers Cycling Challenges by Eric Fergusson
He Did It ! - Ken Reaches 50,000 km (30,000 mile) Goal Ken (& Eric)
2006 Season Review by Eric Fergusson