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Newsletter Archives - 2005
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Editor Scott Gater
(On-line Newsletter: Eric Fergusson)

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BC Randonneurs Win C-KAP's Hewes Challenge Trophy by Eric Fergusson (March)
A Thank You, Upon Receiving the 2004 Roger Street Award by Eric Fergusson
40,000 vs 100,000 km: A Case for 100,000 by Eric Fergusson (April)
Tour de Gaul: Scandal erupts around allegations of drug use by Phil Leggit [really by Raymond Parker]
Rando Lights by David Cambon
Tour of the Cowichan Valley ride synopsis by Stephen Hinde
Vancouver Island Spring 300 by Stephen Hinde
Honours for Bonner by Eric Fergusson (May)
The Road Ahead: Lower Mainland Spring 400 by Susan Allen
Interior 300: Sorrento - Okanagan by Richard Blair
Michael Road by Tom Hocking
Paceline Terror by Ken Bonner
Amusements from Tom & Harold
Shame on You Mr. President by Michel Richard
Around the Bend Trio ... A Fantasy by Ken Bonner
The BC Randonneurs Crowsnest 1000 June 20-23 (Or how I got really sick of going up hills) by William Roberts
Interior - Kamloops 400 by Richard Blair
Safety Tip - Ken Bonner
Toronto's Bewdley Glutebuster 200km by Melissa Friesen
Rider & Volunteer Etiquette - Ken Bonner (June)
Narayan's Randonneur Reports by Narayan Krishnamoorthy
40,000 vs 50,000: The Case for 40,000 km by Michel Richard
Wet Wet Wet - Kamloops 600 Report by Peter Mair
The Not Santa Rosa 60 - Kamloops 600 Report #2 by Ken Bonner
Elephant for Breakfast, Elephant for Lunch… by Ron Penner
TMGGC 2005 (Triple Mt. Challenge) by Danelle Laidlaw
Interior 600km 2005 by Bob Goodison
Keith & Ken Finish Well at Gold Rush Ranonnée 1200km by Eric Fergusson (July)
Protozoa, Slugs, and Multicellular Life: a double blind study in hallucinatory function on a Vancouver Island tsunami by Raymond J. Parker
The Inaugural Vancouver Island Tsunami Brevets, July 16, 2005 by Raymond J. Parker
How Far Did They Ride? ...You Gotta be Kidding by Brian List (August)
The Mount Baker 400: A Very Tough Ride by Kevin Bruce
Mount Baker by Bicycle or Miata? A Comparative Analysis by Kevin Bruce
The Second Coming: Gold Rush Randonnée - The California 1200K (2005) by Ken Bonner
The Art of Dawdle: Socialism and the August 200 by Kevin Bruce
You Pack Your Own Chute by Sarah Gallazin
3 down - 1 to go by Ken Bonner (September)
Lights by Harold Bridge
Fastest Tour de France... from Tom Hocking/Kevin Strong
Computer Distance Calibration on Zero Ave by Harold Bridge
Harrison Ford's 'Hard' 200 km Brevet in the Interior by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Ken Checks in from Colorado by Ken/Eric F.
Things I Learned at the Flatlander by Harold Bridge
Penticton 300 by Richard Blair
A Fuller Report of Ken's CLC 1200 by Ken Bonner
2nd Guglielmo Segato Memorial Adventure Ride by David Sudbury
Canadian's Tackle "Land's End to John O'Groats" by Harold Bridge & Nancy (October)
Incentive by Harold Bridge
Where The B.C. Randonneurs Come From by Harold Bridge (November)
London-Edinburgh-London 2005 by E.W. (Wim ) Kok
Announcing SIR's Northwest Crank by Terry Zmrhal (December)
2005 Season Review by Eric Fergusson

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