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Interior 200 Report
by Richard Blair

The Interior 200k brevet on April 24, 2010 attracted 18 riders, a variety of winds, often in the riders’ favour, a mix of cloud and sun, and, for those lucky riders who ended later in the day, a 40 kilometer stretch leading to the Kamloops finish during which they were blessed with a mixture of rain, hail and snow. The riders and their times are as follows: Ian Fillinger, 6:35*; Nigel Press, 6:56; Bob Goodison, 7:20; Chris Wenger and Shawn Wenger, both at 7:26; Ryan Kurz, 7:53; Randy Benz and Peter Mair, both at 8:02; Doug Fox, 8:55; Barry Chase and Peter Correy, both at 9:10; Jerome Lavigne, 9:17; Bud MacRae, Richard Blair and Rob McDiarmid, all at 9:39; Trevor Taylor, 10:35; and Sandy Caswell and Gail Kipp, both at 10:43. The latter two, Caswell and Kipp, pre-rode the circuit on April 23, 2010 and volunteered both at the start of the ride and took care of the ride pictures. Cheryl Lynch’s attendance at the Salmon Arm control point was much appreciated and we thank her for her assistance.

Ian Fillinger who is scheduled to ride the RAAM this summer as a fund-raising effort on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, came away with a couple of firsts on this ride hence the asterisk following his name above. Not only did he finish the ride in the fastest time, but he also performed another first in my randonneuring experience by arriving at a control – Salmon Arm in this case – before it opened! I was at a loss with respect to the ramifications from an early arrival, but Cheryl was available and her advice was simply to add a 10-minute penalty to Ian’s time which I did and that is why his finish time reads at 6:35 rather than the 6:25 which shows on his card.

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April 25, 2010