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On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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River Run (Permanent #204) by Bob Goodison (January)
Winter Western Edge (Permanent #219) by Deirdre Arscott (February)
Wounded Leg (Permanent #220) by Mark Payten
Randonneurs Ontario Virtual Symposium from Bob Macleod
Hazy February Permanent (Permanent #205) by Gary Sparks
Another Winter Western Edge (Permanent #219) by Deirdre Arscott
Golden Saddle: Barry Chase Passes 100,000 km by Deirdre Arscott
Shuswap Shorelines (Permanent #221) by Bob Goodison
A River Runs Through It (Permanent #205) by Bob Goodison (March)
Vancouver Island Early Bird 200 by Mark Payten & David White
Announcing the "Pathways to Paradise 200" by Holland Gidney & Michael Tilitsky
Storm Clouds Over Riley Park: 2022 PacPop Report by Mike Hagen (April)
Cycling Around Malaysia (1991) by Theo Wyne
LLM Borderline (Permanent #223) by Mike Hagen
Sidney Veloce 300 by Murray Tough
On the 109th Day of January 2022... by E.W.(Wim) Kok
Rob Nygren's Paris Brest Paris 2019 by Rob Nygren (May)
Highway to Hell 400 by Murray Tough
Wet, Weary Woebegone: Loopy Lower Mainland 1000, 2022 by Mike Hagen
It's Just Around the Corner (Permanent #223) by Dug Andrusiek
The LM Desperation 600 - The Start to My End by Gary Baker (June)
First Brevet Sent in by Dug Andrusiek
Dam to Dam to Dam Centenary 300 by Bob Goodison
Parks and Rivers Centenary 300 by Murray Tough
Cowichan Populaire 2022 by Dave Macmurchie
Return to the Flood Route (Permanent #216) by Karen Smith
A Whistlin' Through Hell - LM 1000 by Murray Tough
Dave Gillanders Remembered by Manfred Kuchenmuller
A Whistlin' Through Hell - LM 1000 by Mike Martin
Okanagan Ski Touring Super 600 by Bob Goodsion
Another Tequila Sunrise (Permanent #161) by Barry Monaghan (July)
June Flood Route (Permanent #216) by Karen Smith
155 km for 155 Years of Canada by Tanmay Ahluwalia (for the Langley Advance Times)
Sea to Skies SR 600 by Murray Tough
Journey of the Sorcerer (Elaho) DNS by Mike Hagen
Journey of the Sorcerer (Elaho) Foiled Again by Mike Hagen
Ma Ma Ma My Stenosis by Eric Fergusson (August)
Cascade 1400 - Results Etc. by Eric Fergusson
Cascade 1400 by Étienne Hossack
Cascade 1400 Recap by Del Scharffenberg
The Bridges & Ferry Tour 1000 (pre-ride) by Murray Tough
The Bridges & Ferry Tour 1000 by Gary Baker
September Flood Route (Permanent #216) by Karen Smith (September)
The Ganite Anvil 1200 by Murray Tough
Where Am I? by Eric Fergusson
2022 Annual General Meeting by Eric Fergusson (October)
Gravel Initiative by Mark Payten
Douglas Lake Loop Reimagined (Permanent #46) by Bob Goodison
Coast'n Fjords Conundrum: What Happened After by Mike Hagen
Cooling Down in the Southern Interior (Permanent #51) by Bob Goodison (November)
November Flood Route (Permanent #216) by Gary Baker
Volunteer In 2023 by Dug Andrusiek
December Permanent (Permanent #204) by Bob Goodison (December)
December Permanent (Permanent #216) by Karen Smith
December Permanent (Permanent #216) by Gary Baker
Paris Brest Paris Info Session Organized by Mark Payten
Tsawwassen Tsawwassen Tsawwassen 600 by Andrew Hartline
Richard Blair Dies at 77 by Deirdre Arscott
Permanent Stats 2022 by Eric Fergusson
2022 Season Stats by Eric Fergusson