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Shorter Southern Rambles - Interior 600 Report
by Doug Fox

The best weekend weather of the year, so far, saw 10 riders show up in the Walmart lot for the 6:00AM start. Road conditions were as expected and the Campbell Creek gravel section was dry and "quite civilized", to quote one rider. Nothing eases the pain of the Westside Road, but a southerly wind provided help in the 2nd 100k (and was, as is common, more than problematic in the 3rd 100k into Merritt). The normal westerly assisted with the leg East from Princeton and the undulations into Osoyoos were their usual unending selves. The climb out of Oliver to Hwy3A, followed by a high speed downhill into Okanagan Falls and a flat finish into Penticton completed a scenic and challenging event. The sun was in full force during the days and Saturday night was clear and filled with stars. Six riders finished and four abandoned along the way.

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June 15, 2010