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Newsletter Archives - 2008
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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Be careful out there - Victoria NY Populaire (& related gossip) by Ken Bonner (January)
Cycling pair covers island in 72 hours by Pauline MacDougall
Long Rides History in the UK - Summary Chart assembled by Harold Bridge
Dantesque ! by Frédéric Pondevie
A Little Audax History by David Minter
Cycling the Long Road to France: Preparing for PBP 2007 by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Wooden Bike... by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Vancouver - Baja... a few photos provided by Duhane Lam (February)
Oops We Did it Again - 2007 C-KAP Results by Eric Fergusson (March)
PBP 2007: My Long, Wet and Windy Road to Paris by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Baker's Tibet 200 km by Eric Fergusson
2008 "Eau de Hell" Week Brevet Series Info Page by Ken Bonner
Getting a Ride on the Coastal Renaissance by Harold Bridge
They're in it for the long, long ride by Tom Berridge (April)
"Eau de Hell" Week Organizer's Report by Ken Bonner
Kamloops 200 - Ride Report by Richard Blair
Flèche Pacifique 2008 by Alex Pope (May)
The Vertical Component by Harold Bridge
Spoke Problems on the Highway to Hell by Ken Bonner
Dave's Flying Beaver 200 by Dave Macmurchie
90 hours of BUST by Isabel Best
Interior 300 by Bob Goodison
Misc. History by Harold Bridge
Interior 400 Report by Richard Blair (June)
Paris-Brest-Paris & Recumbents (an update) by David Cambon
Eagles, Bears and Intrigue (Island 600) by Ray Parker
DNF - Time to Retire the Concept by Kevin Bruce
DNF - Time to Retire the Concept by Harold Bridge
600km Brevet: Merritt Loop by Alex Pope
The Lesser of Two Stupids by Kevin Bruce
"Forget It, It was a Smart Move" by Alard Malek
My First Brevet by Gary Baker
FiberFix Emergency Spokes by Dave Macmurchie
Lower Mainland 600 km -- Up the back side of the Coquihalla by Susan Allen
Cross-Can 2004 by Harold Bridge
Interior 600 Report by Richard Blair
Live Bait, Indians, and Broomstick Tandems.. by Bob Boonstra
My Journey to Super Randonneur by Dug Andrusiek
Interior 600 Report by Bob Goodison
Cross Canada Records by Harold Bridge
Hare & Tortoise 1000 by Ken Bonner
Gold Rush Trail 1000 by Eric Fergusson
Will it Pass Muster? by Harold Bridge
Surviving Canada Day 2008 by Harold Bridge (July)
Our Cascade 1200 ...with Ken by Gary Baker
Four Coves and a Mountain (Mainland 200 Report) by Tracy Barill
BC To Eliminate Hills and Mountains in Globe & Mail (!)
The Downside of Growth by Harold Bridge (August)
Ultimate Island Explorer 2000 by Cheryl Lynch & Ken Bonner
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Oft Go Gang a Glay..... (Or Somthing) by Harold Bridge
Mainland "make-up brevets" Report by Harold Bridge (September)
Interior 1000 (Kamloops Kootenay) by Bob Goodison
My Hat-trick with Patrick by Raymond Parker
Permanents by Tracy Barill
Fall Islander by Raymond Parker
Ken's Colorado Last Chance 1200 by Ken Bonner
Flatlander Report by Harold Bridge
A helluva bike ride by Bob Koen
Fall Round Up by Deirdre Arscott
First Permanent - Report by Alex Pope (October)
Hope-Surrey 300 Permanent - Report by Alex Pope
Sasquatach 200 Permanent - Report by Eric Fergusson
Sasquatch Again by Eric Fergusson
Autumn Ride by Raymond Parker
Ultimate Permanent by Ken Bonner
Glacier 200 Origins by Harold Bridge
Bean Bros. 200 Permanent Report by Eric Fergusson (November)
Maple Falls 200 Permanent Report by Ryan Golbeck
The Tail Wagging the Dog by Harold Bridge (December)
Tour of Greater Vancouver by Eric Fergusson
Ocean Park Flatlander by Stuart Wood
Ray's NewPop Pre-ride Adventure by Raymond Parker
2008 Season in Review by Eric Fergusson