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Newsletter Archives - 2009
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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New Years Day Populaire Report by Brynne Croy (January)
Message from Yutaka by Yutaka Moriwaki
BCRCC Permanent Brevets Update January '09 by Tracy Barill & Bob Koen
Stuart's Surrey Sedro goes Sideways (Permanent 36 Report) by Stuart Wood
Buccaneer 200 (Permanent 38 Report) by Roger Holt
Graham's January Cowichan (Permanent 8 Report) by Graham Fishlock
San Francisco 200 by Scott Gater (February)
Salmon Arm, Kamloops (Permanent 40 Report) by Bob Goodison
Soggy Sasquatch (Permanent 19 Report) by Ian Attewell
Getting 'em Round by Hugo Paige (sent in by Harold)
Day of Wine and Roses by Bob Koen (March)
New Randonneur 5000 Pin Design by Eric Fergusson
The ready randonneur by Raymond Parker
BC Riders win 2008 C-KAP Awards by Eric Fergusson
Vancouver Victoria 200 (Permanent 45 Report) by Jerome Lavigne
Multi-Tasking by Harold Bridge
Spring Populairs in Fort St. John by Wim Kok (April)
Recording Popualire History by Harold Bridge
Tour of the Cowichan Valley - Pre Ride Report by Lee Ringham
Eau de Hell Week III by Ken Bonner
Manning a Control - Cowichan 200 by Lee Ringham
DNF: The Ultimate Shame & Disgrace by David Cambon
Interior 200 by Bob Goodison
Fun Filled 300 by Mike Croy
Hills Are Your Friends, Dead or Alive by Dave Macmurchie
Alimento en una Bicicleta by Kevin Bruce
Musings on Chamois Cream by Ray Parker
Personal Best by Krazy Kevin
Ryder Lake 300 Report by Deirdre & Bob (May)
A Few Sprinkles... by Michel Richard
On the Technique of Climbing by Luis Bernhardt
Randowhat? by George Muenz
Consistency by Harold Bridge
End of a Bike by Malcolm McAuley
400 kms - ye gods ! by Dave Macmurchie
H2H 400 Preride by Brynne Croy
Pondering Bike Myths on Nicomen Island by Luis Bernhardt
Maple Falls 200 (Permanent 28 Report) by James Mikado
Organizing Made Easy : LM 400 by Susan Allen
Harold's First Girlfriend... by staff
Brakes (and the Traction Circle) by Luis Bernhardt
Vancouver Chilliwack - Permanent 35 by Eric Fergusson
Tale of Two Rides (Interior 400) by Bob Goodison (June)
24-12 Proposal by Kevin Bruce
Ultimate Island Explorer 2000 - daily reports by Doug Latornell
Tour of Greater Victoria 200 - Report by Brynne & Mike Croy
Rivers, Mines and Vines Report - Interior 600 by Bob Boonstra
Carradice Bag Boarding by Eric Fergusson
Pacific Rim 600 brevet by Raymond Parker
Tsunami 300 Pre-ride by Graham Fishlock
Golden Ears Bridge - First Impressions by Gary Baker
SIR 600 km Ride Report by Luis Bernhardt
There are bears out there by Peter Moore
South Okanagan / North Cascades 1000 by Deirdre Arscott
Hare & Tortoise 1000 by Ken Bonner
Fix a Flat by Raymond Parker
Riding in the South by Scott Gater (July)
Craig's 8 km by Craig Premack
Celebrating Canada Day by Harold Bridge
Ken's pre-Gold Rush Randonnee Message by Ken Bonner
1000km Randonnée: South Okanagan/North Cascades by Alexander Pope
Tsunami II: "Pacific Circle Route" by Raymond Parker
Exploring Eastern Ontario on the Westport 400 Km by E.W. (Wim ) Kok
Backroads 400 by Lindsay Martin
BC Riders at Gold Rush Randonnée by Eric Fergusson
2009 Gold Rush Randonnée Results by Eric Fergusson
The "Wannabee" Meets "Bintheredunthat" by Harold Bridge
My First 400 by Lee Ringham
Permanent 47 Report by Bob Goodison
Hillier, Wetter, Colder & Fierce Winds (LEL 2009) by Ken Bonner
All's well that starts well(Gold Rush) by Bob Koen (August)
The (Not) Bella Coola 1000 by Keith Nichol
Last Sailing - Albion Ferry photos by Alex & Harold
Reflections on the Granite Anvil 1200 by Kathy Brouse
2009 Granite Anvil Time Results by Eric Fergusson
August Make-up Brevets by Harold Bridge
Wife's disease pushes cyclist across America by Katie Robinson
On The Edge - London-Edinburgh-London 1400 Km Randonnée by Ken Bonner
Granite Anvil 1200 Ride Report by Bob Koen
Brevet Route Found by David Cambon (September)
That's Ridiculous by Kevin Bruce
"It was the best day ever": A Fall Islander 200 Report by Graham Fishlock
CanPop 142 from Steve's Journal by Steve Schleicher
Riding the Time Line by Eric Fergusson
Wicked Permanent by Ian Attewell (October)
2009 Annual General Meeting by Eric Fergusson
Riding at Night by Scott Gater
A 480 km Permanent by Harold Bridge
Perfect Sasquatch by David Gillanders & Rick Den Braber
10,000 Km Man by Harold Bridge
2010 Scheduling, etc by Scott Gater (November)
New Use for Aero Bars by Keith Patterson
Winter Cycling... Underwear by Raymond Parker
Stonehenge Control Card from Nick Parker
Donuts and Culture by Kevin Bruce
Pacific Range Explore 1000 Web Pages compiled by jeff Schlingloff
Equipment for Long Rides by Ken Bonner
November Bean Bros by Gary Sparks (December)
Last Chance 200 by Rick den Braber
December-TGV by Gary Sparks
Snow Bike by Ivan Andrews
North Road Stories by Harold Bridge
BC-12 Permanents Pin Design by Karen & Eric
Can-Am Pin Design Needed by Karen Smith
Can-Am 2009 by Ken Bonner
BC-12 on TGV by Bob Koen
Elf Stomper to Kilby by Keith Nichol
New Years Clothing Blowout by Danelle Laidlaw
2009 Season in Review by Eric Fergusson