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by Harold Bridge

Laura Penner's injury on 96 Trax prompted me to look at an improved route that avoids both sets of double tracks. Using Allard Crescent instead of 96 seems to be a big improvement, albeit with about 5 extra ks.
But they are nice extra ks! The control could be moved from Ft L to Derby Reach as well.
I checked it out on bikely and maps and got it about right.
I need a purpose when going for a ride and decided this morning to ride over the GEB to Ft L and do some route measuring. About noon I got to Rawlison Cres and was preparing to turn round to start measuring at the Glover/Rawlison tee junction. I had my Ortleib H/B bag mounted.
Past experience should have warned me about how I set off when a H/B bag is mounted and I did a face plant in the road! My brand new Giordana jacket was soaking up a fair bit of blood while I tried keep my broken specs frame on my nose. I seemed to well enough to continue, but could see I might run into trouble dealing with broken specs.
"Murry", athletic director of Trinty Western College, stop his truck to render assistance and staunch the flow of blood
from my brow. Another pick up truck stopped and the woman climbed into the cramped space at the back of the cab and my Mariposa was comforted by the lush lining of the truck's box. They drove me back to my truck parked at the south end of Harris Road and I offered a couple of fives to cover the GEB toll. But they wouldn't accept them. I also got a call from "Susan" this evening checking up on me. Nice people!
The rest of the day was spent at the Docs, getting my knuckle checked out, and waiting to be x-rayed.
But the bike is alright, except for one loose brake lever.
I got stuck in a line up on #7, otherwise I might have got to the Optician's before they closed.
Oh well, I'm 19 kms closer to the CKAP 100,000, just need 4,384.


April 20, 2010