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Flood Route in June
Permanent Brevet #216, 200 km
Ride Date: June 23, 2022
by Karen Smith

It was a beautiful day, but I had a hard time.
I had some gut issues early on, thought that I was going to have to turn around and just go home, but I persevered and it turned out alright.
Then I had shifter problems, and was stuck in a gear that I didn't want for about 30 km. I was able to fix it at one of my Home controls.

It was 13 degrees at the start and reached a high of 27, but it felt hotter. I'm not used to the heat yet this year, as until recently, it was still Junuary... : )

I got slowed down, and even stopped, at many single lane constructions zones on route today. Not only is it now summer, it is also construction season on the roads!
There were also many single lane stretches along Camp River and Hope River roads, adjacent to the slough, and along Ballam, adjacent to the Fraser River.
These single lane stretches were all due to damage to the sides of the roads from the November storms.

The wind was not my friend today, and I struggled in it... especially the last 50 km. But I got June done.



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July 3, 2022