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Vancouver Island Early Bird 200
Route: Revised "All But Three/Chili 200"

Ride Date: March 13, 2022
by Mark Payten & Dave White

The ride started at 7:01am on the first day of Pacific Daylight Time. Miracle of miracles, all fourteen riders who were doing the actual event were present, even Mikael was there at 6:58 for the "safety speech". The forecast two days before had been for a 97% chance of rain. We had a chat with the forecasters. It was a pleasant 7 degrees Celsius at the start under cloud cover. The cloud cover remained all day and the wind stayed light! There were only a few drops after Ken Bonner arrived at Dave’s house at about 7:50pm.

Ken had a leisurely 220. But it wasn’t because of his cycling speed. We hear that he stopped in at home at about the 30 km mark. He engaged in conversation for at least 25 minutes at the secret control at Pat Bay at 91 km. I know he spent some time chatting with us at the Saxe Point control at 151 km. Although he claims to not enjoy the first 200s of the season, the smile on his face at the end told a different story! The route went by Lorraine N’s house. She greeted took photos of as many riders as she could. I know that Ken enjoyed it. At the other end of the speed continuum, Chad and Adam spent very little time stopped. It was a quick control card signature, and they were on there way for a 7:40ish time.


All fourteen riders finished the ride. Most of them stayed to enjoy some of the Chili. You will find more photos from the event on flickr: EVENT PHOTOS. Photos by Calum Findlay, Mark Payton, Rob Scrimgeour and Lorraine Nygaard. And check out Rob Nygren's video on YouTube: ROB'S VIDEO.

The next 200 will be on Saturday, April 2nd. Holland Gidney and Michael Tilitzky are planning a new route. We hope to see you there!


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March 27, 2022