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Shuswap Shorelines
Permanent Brevet #221
", 203 km
Ride Date: February 26, 2022
by Bob Goodison

Done! February is the month I am most likely to torpedo my BC12. I keep thinking that if I wait one more week the roads will be better and I won't need studded tires, and just like that, the month is over and it's do or die. I don't like doing long rides on studs, but I like crashing even less, so studs it was. It was -8C to start. I added 2 extra kms passing through Sorrento to go home and get a power bank for the Garmin because it became obvious that the cold was reducing its range drastically. Roads were very icy in places, especially Wild Rose Bay. Occasional fierce winds- crosswind on Squilax bridge was scary.
Thanks, Bob.




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February 28, 2022