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Journey of the Sorcerer (Elaho River), Foiled Again
Permanent Brevet #226, 204 km
Ride Date: July 30, 2022
by Mike Hagen

Mike drove out to Squamish, again... [EF]

Foiled again. I parked in Squamish and had a very nice ride up the Squamish Valley Road to the end of pavement where the FSR starts. Even saw Nigel and had a short chat with him. But five km up the gravel, the road was flooded. I waded through, it was only a foot deep, but rounded the next corner and there was another segment of flooded road. This was deeper, and too deep to ford. So I bailed again. Instead, I went up the Ashlu FSR, but only 8 km to a creek crossing where the bridge had been removed. Turned around there. Then went to Cat Lake, which, as it turns out, is a total gong show on a hot summer weekend, then carried on up the Cheekeye FSR about five km. Ended up doing 104 km with 1400 m of elevation and I am bagged.

Squamish FSR: Too deep to pass

Ashlu FSR: no bridge, no go

Cat Lake

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July 31, 2022