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Dam to Dam to Dam Centenary 300
Ride Date: June 11, 2022
by Bob Goodison

Jacquetta & Bob Koen

To quote Bob Koen: "The ride was alternately glorious and miserable." Due to a perfect storm (pun very much intended) of weather forecasts, fuel prices, and the fact that every region of the province was running a 300 km on the same day, we only wound up with three riders total (one pre-rider, two on the day). The route did not disappoint. The scenery, when the clouds parted enough to see it was breathtaking. The rumours of new pavement were true. The wildlife was out in full force. On the pre ride Friday, I saw two moose and three bears.


On ride day by the time we saw them at the 200 km mark Bob and Jacquetta had seen 2 bears, and I suspect they saw more animals before the finish. Driving to and from the control we saw one bear, one moose, and many deer. The weather lived up to the forecast and then some: rain, wind, rain, sun, rain THUNDERSTORM!!! rain, sun etc. etc. All good type two fun. And yes, showing once again my complete lack of common sense, I'm already planning the next one.


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June 13, 2022