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LLM Borderline
Permanent Brevet #223 "Loopy Lower Mainland Borderline"
Ride Date: April 17, 2022
by Mike Hagen

Well. I wrapped my derailleur around my cassette again, at km 154.. I carry a spare hanger, but couldn't get the broken one off. Converted to a single speed, but unlike the last two times I've done this, it didn't want to cooperate. Chain broke at km 185. Dave went on alone and finished, then came back for me with another bike. Not sure that this is in the rules, not sure I want to force you to make a decision, and by the time Dave was back there was only 30 minutes left to go 15 km anyway. So I bailed. DNF for me. Dave got 11:59, and he will send you his card.

So it goes. Another great story for the Rando Brevet Permanent wars!


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April 18, 2022