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(photos: Ken Bonner)

Brynne and Mike sent in some pictures with a message which included Brynne's short description of the ride. I hope she doesn't mind that I included part of that message here. Note the comment about weather. I'd say it can safely be confirmed that South Vancouver Island was the only place in Canada, on this day, that a ride like this would have been possible. Still, hats off to the intrepid riders. [Eric F]

New Pop Report
by Brynne Croy

Ray Parker was kind enough to adjust the route after his mildly harrowing preride and although I have little to compare it with I would say he did a fantastic job! It is a difficult task to fit in interesting sights and scenery in only 60km but there were some truly lovely sights to be had at this time of year like mist shrouding Mt. Doug and snow geese flying over fields in central Saanich. The threat of snow must have been what kept people home but there was virtually none on the roads (again thanks to Ray's judicious rerouting). If there was anything to complain about it would have been the temperature (which hovered just above zero) but it is to be expected at this time of year and, to be fair, most of Canada is still under a white blanket.


Ride date: January 1, 2009

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January 2, 2009