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Stuart was the first to attempt a permanent in 2009. Didn't work out as planned. Here's his message to permanent's coordinator Tracy Barill. [Eric F]

Stuart's Surrey Sedro goes Sideways (Permanent 36)
by Stuart Wood

Hi Tracy

I just wanted to let you know I did not complete the ride yesterday

Starting in heavy rain it was very cold. When I got to the border US Customs did not want to let me through as the roads were closed in places.

They let me through and I found the road closed just 3km south of the border.

I managed to ride through the water and carried on.

The number nine highway had a lot of large trucks on it because of diversions which made it nerve-wracking in the heavy rain on the narrow road.

At the 75km point south of Van Zandt I got a flat tire. By the time I had fixed it I was cold and worried about further flats when I became tired.

I decided to turn around and rode back without mishap but was very cold and could not talk coherently at Canada Customs.

It was a tough ride. Not only because of the conditions but not having been on the bike for four weeks did not help.

I hope to try again before the month end when there is a better weather forecast.

Ride date: January 10, 2009
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Route 36 (208 km)

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January 13, 2009