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August Make-up Brevets
200, 300, 400 & 600
by Harold Bridge

Someone who used to be near & dear to me once said of me;
"Poor old Harold, he can only do one thing at a time!"
Then I take on the "Make Up Weekend!?"
It was the fashion a few years ago to set everyone off together.
But the start is a bit more controlled & easier to manage by setting each group off separately
at 20 minute intervals, even though the 400 peleton was quantity one!
Whether it is "Fortunes Favours the Brave", of "Fool's Luck" I don't know, but the weekend seemed to gel quite well.
Overall, the weather was, I think, near to being ideal, albeit with some strong winds not always in the right direction.
I attempted to keep everyone informed.
But Norm Brodie at Glacier was out of cel contact & I forgot about trying to call anyway.
Ken Wright took on Silver Lake and Fairhaven, Ron Himschoot was allowed a lie in as he only had to get from Seattle to Arlington before coming up to our neck of the woods
The fastest "600er", Alex Pope, had done the pre-ride inside 30 hours & kept an eye on what I was trying to do in the Lion's Hall. That meant the paperwork was in better shape than usual.
At the finish I wasn't allowed to use my "HJB" stamp, as the Pope children took that over.
The season had been a good one & I think that reflected on the "make up" numbers, especially in the case of the 300 & 400.
Relatively speaking, all control cards were decypherable, although one looked like Dr Ballard had rescued it from the Titanic. Why, I don't know, but there is a resistance to the cards being folded the way Dan McGuire intended them; into 3 parts. Those folded in 2 usually get crumpled. A control card can be considered as an official document of an International Organisation and as such it should be treated thus.
My thanks to all who participated, especially the helpers.

Rides date: August 22, 2009
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August 25, 2009