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2010 BC Randonneur Executive Committee
Left to Right: Roger Holt, Bob Koen (kneeling), Jeff Mudrakoff, Patrick Wright, Nigel Press, Ali Holt, Tracy Barill, Alex Pope, Eric Fergusson, Ross Nichol & Cheryl Lynch.
Missing: Richard Blair, Barry Chase, Raymond Parker.
Photo: Amanda Jones

2009 AGM
by Eric Fergusson

Here's what the new BC Randonneurs executive committee looks like. Most of it anyway.

Out going pres Tracy Barill did a great job of MC-ing at the AGM in Fort Langley. Karen Smith orchestrated the distribution of a few specially pins including the coveted volunteer pin awarded to anyone who helped out in 2009.

Past pres Tracy will be staying on the committee. Gary Baker and Karen Smith have given up their seats to incoming members Barry Chase and Nigel Press, though both Gary and Karen remain very involved. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to thank both Gary and Karen for the excellent work they have done over many year. Gary was club president in 2008. Karen has been pin's coordinator since 1993, and she continues in this role.

Good luck to new President Alex Pope and his team.

Special thanks to Harold Bridge who once again organized the AGM ride and brunch.

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2009 Volunteer Pin


October 5, 2009