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Hare & Tortoise 1000
by Ken Bonner

Ken Bonner    50h 59m
Peter Moore   65h 58m
(Australian, organizer of the Great Southern Randonnee 1200, and will be riding the Cascade 1200 this weekend)
Devon Mihalyi 74h 23m
(1st 1000k brevet and now qualified for Rocky Mountain 1200)
Luke Galley   74h 23m
(recumbent - 1st 1000k brevet and now qualified for Rocky Mountain 1200)

Volunteers: 'Eagle Eye' Graeme Sheeley (Route sheets and Control Cards); Late night 'party boy' Mike Croy (Start Control 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM and a couple of photos) MANY THANKS!!!

Ride Report:

The predicted steady rain north of Campbell River did not materialize other than some thunder showers between Sayward and Woss. Generally pleasantly warm conditions up to Campbell River. Then STRONG headwinds in all directions from Campbell River to Port Hardy and back to Campbell River. Very cold during the nights - Port Hardy = 3C; Victoria = 5C;

Relatively uneventful ride. Peter Moore and I are both riding the Cascade 1200 this coming weekend, so did not push ourselves too hard (Looks like it will be a little warmer down there - Yakima will be hitting 37C and a low of 15C.) I saw 3 bears; Peter saw one deer. Luke Galley and Devon Mihalyi were riding to qualify for the Rocky Mountain 1200. They were successful, but were very close to the control cut-off times on the way north, but improved their time margin on the way back, in spite of a screw that punctured and ripped Devon's tire, but also pierced the rim! Luke and Devon also discovered a 'free' shelter in Sayward for night sleeping.

Luke and Devon were advised by the folks in Campbell River that there would be plenty of places to obtain real food on their way to Port Hardy. NOT!! They arrived in Port Hardy famished, existing on a few energy bars they had with them.

Overall, a successful event!


June 25, 2008