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200 km (241.7?)
by Bob Goodison

I have developed a new interval training program based on my first ride in the lower mainland. To increase the degree of difficulty and training benefit do this in wet, windy weather.

1. Start with a fairly fast group. Make sure to let as many riders as possible pass on descents to provide incentive on climbs. Re-pass these riders. Repeat several times.
2. When you get to a flat windy section, make sure you are riding by yourself - except for the riders you can see just 1/2 km or so ahead, but can't quite catch.
3. Read the name of the road you are supposed to turn onto from your route sheet, but shift your eyes to the next line down for the distance to go. Ride 13+ km in the wrong direction into a headwind. Turn around and return to route. This is to add extra distance, and to add the incentive to hammer to make up the lost hour.
4. Ride as fast as possible. Pass several riders. Miss a turnoff in your haste. Turn around, return to route. Pass same several riders. Repeat six or more times.
5. Miss as many traffic lights as possible, to initiate a sprint/recover pattern.
6. Find a few other riders who have also misinterpreted the route sheet to cruise around Mission with looking for the control. This serves as a mid-ride cool down.
7. Miss the turnoff for the Mary Hill Bypass by 2 km. This has the added benefit of providing a safer alternative to the shorter route indicated on the route sheet.
8. Thinking you have missed yet another turn, backtrack 1/2 km until you meet other riders. Give up trying to navigate yourself and follow them to the finish.

I learned a few things, as I usually do. We in the Interior are spoiled. Our usual 600 route sheets would take up less than the first page of the LM 200 sheet. I think our 400 will be about 6 lines long. In comparison, we have no traffic, although I found the masses of cars I encountered to be very courteous. Also, it never rains sometimes.

Thanks for an educational ride.

April 17, 2006