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This section was used in 2003 and 2007 to help local BC riders with their PBP preparations, and to keep them informed on information coming from France. I'm leaving most of this stuff on line here as a way of archiving it. Beginning in 2011 much of information riders will be looking for will be on the PBP Web Site. Some of the info here will still be useful, including the location of our hotel. And don't miss the rider tips from Ron, Sheila and Gord. [Eric F - March 2015]

PBP Planner - notes for the February 2007 PBP workshop

Eating an Elephant - Advice for first-time PBPers, by Ron Himschoot
Audax UK's PBP Tips by Sheila Simpson
Recommendations by Gord Cook

Map of Start Region - Includes our hotel
How to get to the Hotel/Start - Descriptions
Budgeting - Sample expense lists from 1995,1999, 2003 & 2007

Route Info - Control distances, route sheets, route maps from past PBP, etc.
(In another section on this site)

Route sheet and core details about PBP 2011 (official - from ACP)

Archived Pages:

2003 Official Information Brochure from Audax Club Parisien
PBP Regulations: 2003 (full) & 2007 (preliminary) - The Rules

List of 2007 BC Riders - Plus link to 2007 online rider tracking
2007 Registration Process - notes
Accommodation form for BC riders - 2007
Plan for Canada group photo & BC club photo for PBP 2007
2007 Start and Pre-event Timetable

BC / Canada Jerseys: 2003 - 2007 - 2011

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