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National & BC Club photos for PBP 2007:

In other recent PBPs, there has been a group photo of all the Canadian riders. There has also been a club photo featuring the BC riders. The photo session has been after the bike check in the past, but this time, with the agreement of the seven Canadian club presidents, the Canada photo will be before the bike check. Here's the time table for Sunday, August 19:

12:15   BC Randonneurs photo
12:30   Canada photo
13:00   Bike check (for all Canadian participants)

Dress code... For the Canada photo, most clubs will probably encourage their riders to wear the new Canada jersey, the one organized by Mark Beaver from Nova Scotia. But most BC riders ordered the new BC wool jersey instead. For the BC photo we encourage you to wear the new wool jersey. For the Canada photo, consider switching to the Canada jersey if you have one.

Location. The same place as 1999 and 2003 - in front of the sports complex.

A snag in 2003 was that some of the riders wanted to take a photo of the Canadian group on their own cameras. The problem was that the photos included riders walking in and out of the shots, and of course the photos on riders' own cameras didn't have them in it. This time I'm suggesting that friends and family members be encouraged to snap the photos, leaving the riders free to be in them. I encourage all photographers to send their best photos to me eric_fergusson@telus.net and I will make high resolution images of the highlights available on this web site.

The photo session is of course optional, but it would be nice to have everyone in it. And it's a fun event - you won't want to miss it. See you there. [EF]