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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


Le Pavillon des Gatines
46 ter. rue Pierre Curie
Z.I. les Gatines, 78370 PLAISIR
Tel. 011 33 1 30 55 81 50
Email: pavillon-gatines@dial.oleane.com
Contact person: Carole [ N.B. has limited knowledge of the English language, spoken or written].

a) If you are driving, coming from Paris on highway N12. Watch for the Plaisir exit on your right: taking it will put you on rue Pierre Curie. The Hotel is on left side of the road, ± 1 km from the exit.

b) If you are taking public transit from the airport (Charles de Gaulle), be aware that there are two different transit system to get to Plaisir: the SNCF and the R.E.R. Obtain (you may have to purchase) a composite transit map of Paris from your boarding station (gare). You will have to transfer in "mid city". One system goes to Plaisir: station Plaisir Les Clayes is the nearest to the hotel [ ± 3.5 km] . The second station, Plaisir - Grignon, is a few km further. The other system takes you to the St-Quentin en Yvelines station, which is ± 10 km from the hotel. I cannot tell you which system goes where. Also I am not aware of the policy for taking your bicycle, whether boxed or not ,on the public transit systems.

c) If you are cycling coming from the north of Plaisir, a reference point is highway D30 which will lead you into Plaisir and rue Pierre Curie. Be sure to turn left before N12 (do not cross N12 via Cloverleaf).

d) If you are coming from the south (use the map to locate yourself and find an acceptable route) Route D30 will take you to Plaisir.


Gymnase des Droits de l'Homme
Rond Point des Saules

Can be accessed from the street Ave. des Frères Lumières, which changes name to Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, if you are coming from the northwest.
From the south, Ave. des Garennes, Rond Point des Sangliers and Highway D127 to Rond Point des Saules. This latter route is the reverse of the route you will follow at the start of PBP.

Trusting this will be of assistance.

Prepared by Dan McGuire & Réal Prefontaine