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1000 km Brevets:
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In general, a 1000 km brevet will be offered as an extension of a regular brevet series. The Lower Mainland and Interior 1000s are often pooled, so any route can be ridden if there is a scheduled 1000 on the calendar. The 1000s have traditionally been scheduled for three weekends:

Summer Solstice (~ June 21)
BC Day
(early August)
Labour Day
(early September)

More recenty 1000s have been schedule also on the May and October long weekends.

Qualification: To be permitted to ride an ACP sanctioned 1000 in BC, you must have completed the basic Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600 km) at some point in your life.

Fenders and Lights: Fenders are no longer mandatory in BC Randonneur events. If you are riding with a group, however, you will probably want to make sure that you are all reading from the same route sheet on this one. As for lighting, there will be no one to stop you if your lighting is inadequate, but you'd be crazy to start without reliable lighting including replacement and backup lighting systems.

Start Time: Rides can start at any time on the designated start date. The organizer chooses the start time, but this should probably be done with input from other riders. An organizer may elect to offer a second start time. Starting times from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. are common.

Fees & Membership: You must be a BC randonneur club member ($10), and have paid the entry fee of $15. Mail your cheque, event waiver, and membership forms if necessary to Cheryl Lynch (address at bottom of this page) before you ride. All forms on the Forms Page.

Designing your own route... The route must start in BC. Be sure your controls are at the route's extremities. You will have to calculate your own opening and closing control times. There is a formula for calculating these. The specifics of this can be found on a separate page: Click here. Route sheet and control card templates can be found on the ride organization page.

Here is a (now somewhat dated) sample control card.

Route Approval: Submit your proposed route to your regional brevet coordinator, and I'll add it to the Proposed Routes page. If there is more than one route suggestion for a particular ride date, the riders are asked to contact each other and work something out. If consensus is not possible, the suggested routes will be passed on the club exec. and a decision will be made. Once your route has been approved, your distances might be scrutinised and you may be asked to offer some details about the reliability of your controls.

Advice: You might benefit from speaking with other people who have done your route recently. You will find some of these people listed on the various 1000 km route pages.

Route proposal deadline. ...well there isn't one really. But act early to avoid conflicts.

Finishing: After the ride, why not contact your regional brevet coordinator (we want to know that you've made it back safely). Promptly submit your control card to ACP Correspondent / Database Co-coordinator Cheryl Lynch (PO Box 39024 Point Grey, Vancouver, BC V6R 4P1).

Eric Fergusson
1000s coordinator