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The 1000 km Brevet:
A Horse of a Different Colour

The 1000 km brevet occupies a unique position in the spectrum of brevet distances. You might call it randonneur cycling's ugly duckling... the black sheep of the brevet family... neither fish nor fowl. The 1000 is not a part of the basic Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400, 600 km) series, and is never as celebrated as the marquee 1200s (PBP, BMB, etc.)  Most 1000s in BC are ridden alone or in small groups with no fanfare and little or no support.

Despite the seriousness of the physical challenge, the logistical complexities, and the total absence of glory, BC riders have been curiously attracted to the 1000 km, and this has been true since beginnings of the club in 1979. There have been almost twice as many 1000s completions as BC finishers at the far more prestigious Paris Brest Paris.

One motivation for riding a 1000 is that it is one of the mandatory distances for Audax Club Parisien's Brevet Randonneur 5000 pin. In most cases in BC however (~66% of the cases), 1000s have not been ridden with this award in mind.

The 1000 km has been unique in another way here in BC - it is rider organized. Prospective 1000 riders choose their own routes from the existing options, or can design new routes.

The Rules & Primer page will help you to organize your 1000, and the Routes Archive section with route sheets, maps and notes on the past 1000s, will help you choose your route. Be sure to check the Proposed Routes page for the route options currently being considered.

I've mentioned only BC riders above. Riders from elsewhere are also very welcome, and the qualification requirements and entry procedures are exactly the same.

Eric Fergusson
1000s coordinator