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Articles by BC Randonneurs:

Training For Randonneur Cycling by Eric Fergusson (revised for 2011)

Eating an Elephant by Ron Himschoot   (Tips for PBP First-timers)

My Little Secrets to PBP Survival by David Cambon

Advice for Newbies from a Newbie by Ben Coli

Cover Your Knees by Ian Stephen

Pacelining For Dummies by Tom Hocking

Paceline Terror by Ken Bonner

Back to Back Ultras by Ken Bonner, Ron Himschoot and others

What Now ? by Cheryl Lynch (Some Thoughts on Off-season Preparations)

Winter Training by Eric Fergusson

also: Rando Ray's Velo Garage
(Ray Parker's randonneur technotes web pages)

Other Resources: