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The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling
By Edmund R. Burke & Ed Pavelka
Rodale (press) 2000
ISBN 1-57954-199-2 paperback
292 pages

Like the title says, this is a comprehensive book about distance cycling, with a focus on US ultra cycling practice and culture. Though there is not a dedicated section on randonneur cycling, there are numerous references to PBP, BMB, and other brevets. In the forward Lon Haldeman's writes " In The Complete Book of Long-Distanced Cycling Ed Pavelka and Ed Burke give you and education that took me 30 years to learn. Read it, remember it, and ride it." I'd have to agree. You will save yourself a lot of learning-things-the-hard-way by picking up this book as a beginning ultra cyclist. And it's a great browse for more experienced riders. There is one copy of this book in the Vancouver Public Library System. [Eric F. March 2006]