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RUSA Members' Handbook (2004)
Edited by Bill Bryant (Though this is not actually stated anywhere)
Written by Bill Bryant and others
148 pages

This is by far the best resource out there aimed specifically at randonneurs. It is a well thought out "how to" guide to randonneur cycling, that also has helpful sections on things like rules, randonneur terminology, the sport's history in the US (there's even some Canadian content here - p.112!), and the roles of ACP & RM (the international governing bodies).

Most of the material was written by the now former RUSA Pres. Bill Bryant, but there are many other contributors including Johnny Bertrand, John Lee Ellis, Jennifer Wise and Lois Springsteen. Unfortunately this book can not be purchased through your local book store - you will have to become a RUSA member ($20 US). I'd have to say it's worth it. (Or you can borrow my copy.) [Eric F. March 2006]