2010 Results

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


2010 Vancouver Island Summer Brevets

Vancouver Island Summer Series Route Coordinator:
Lee Ringham

200 km
Pacific Shoreline
June 12
Ride Organizer:
Cheryl Lynch

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300 km
June 26
Ride Organizer:
Lee Ringham

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400 km
Back Roads
July 17
Ride Organizer:
Lee Ringham


600 km
Next Chance 600
August 7
Ride Organizers:
Mike Croy & Dug Andrusiek

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Brynne Croy
Mike Croy
Lee Ringham
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Graham Fishlock
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Brynne Croy
Steven Croy
Duncan Gidney
Dave Macmurchie (route sheet)
Mike Poplawski
Perfect weather, headwinds on return
Cloudy with sunny periods. Dry.
Cool morning, later warming. Chilly by evening. Moderate winds.
Favourable winds, unfavourable rains, comfortable temperatures. Dogs.
Nigel Press 6:25 Kaj Jacobsen 8:18 Bob Boonstra 8:58 Brynne Croy VP 9:51 Mike Croy VP 9:51 Lee Ringham VP 9:51 6 Finishers
Graham Fishlock 14:19 David Lach 15.14 Jerome Lavigne 15.14 Guido van Duyn 16.15 Lee Ringham 16.15 Kevin Bruce 17.08 6 Finishers
Ken Bonner 17:45 Bob Koen 20:50 Barry Chase 20:50 Tracy Barill 20:50 Lee RIngham 21:29 Cam MacKenzie 21:33 David Lach 21:33 Jim Runkel 22:51 Phillip Lennox 22:51 9 Finishers
Ken Bonner 29:55 Malcolm McAulay 30:42 Cam Mackenzie 36:26 Dug Andrusiek 36:55 Mark Ford 36:55 Tracy Barill 37:09 Barry Chase 37:09 David Lach 37:25 Lee Ringham 37:25 Steve Clark DNF @~470km 9 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride