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Details / Rules




As of July 1, 2020 There will be new procedures and considerations because of Covid-19.

Riders will need to complete a Covid-19 Waiver, before they will be given permission to ride their first permanent. (This needs to be done only once annually, and will be apply for ACP/RM brevets, populaires as well as BC permanents.) As always, riders need to also submit an Event Waiver.

Riders will need to have read, and must agree to abide by the current Covid-19 Rules.(Details may change over time.)

Contact Tracing. Riders must indicate somewhere on their control card who they are riding with, if they are riding in a group. The list must include first and last names. To facilitate contact tracing, control cards must be in the hands (Inbox) of the Permanents Coordinator 48 hours from the finish of the ride. For new routes, I've added a control card with spaces for ride day contacts: permanents CC template Covid-19 (Word).

Additional: Routes must be entirely in BC. Avoid any known ‘Covid-19 lockdown’ communities. Minimize non-cellular service zones. Avoid popular public pathways such as Stanley Park and Arbutus Greenway in Vancouver.

BC-12 Award: Don't worry... your BC-12 streak remains intact during shut-down months. See BC-12 Statement in the newsletter.

Details of the Permanent Brevet Program

1. Permanent cycling events are a minimum of 200 km.

2. A Permanent is cycled according to the normal Audax Club Parisien (ACP) brevet rules - see Rules.

3. Time and date of permanents are decided at the discretion of the member requesting to ride the permanent.

4. A permanent route can be any archived ACP or RM (Randonneur Mondiaux) sanctioned ride (brevet, fleche or trace) that has been officially designated a permanent route (posted on the website in the Permanents Routes page) subject to Covid-19 route requirements.

5. Members are encouraged to submit proposals for new permanent routes. Members need to provide the Permanents Coordinator with a route sheet (with controls), and a digital map of the proposed route. New route submissions can expect as long as 10 days, for possible approval and processing. Approval for pre-existing routes will take five days. Revisions are forthcoming to the criteria for the BC-12 award to accommodate the Covid-19 lockdown periods.

6. Permanents can be organized on any date, starting at any time.

7. Permanents distance will not count towards any ACP awards (Super Randonneur, Randonneur 5000) or towards BC Randonneurs club awards based on ACP/RM distance (the John Hathaway Memorial Award ["Iron Butt"], or the 40,000 km award). There is a dedicated Permanents award however (the "BC-12"), for completing a permanent in each of 12 consecutive months. Regular ACP/RM rides (brevets, fleche and traces) can be used in this mix, so a rider doesn't necessarily need to ride a Permanent during the regular brevet season, April to September, if regularly riding ACP/RM sanctioned brevets.

8. A permanent can be ridden by any BC Randonneurs club member. The permanent brevet program is limited to members only. Membership renewal is January 1. Go to Membership.

9. Any BC Randonneurs club member can organize a permanent.

10. Permanents cannot be used to qualify for any ACP/RM events - PBP, Rocky Mt 1200, etc.

11. Any given permanent route can be ridden more than once each year.

12. A Event Waiver & and a Covid-19 Waiver must be completed, signed and submitted to the Permanent Coordinator BEFORE the permanent. (Details below)

13. After the ride, completed and signed control cards must be submitted to the Permanents Coordinator within 48 hours of the end of the ride. (Details below) Note that this is a Covid-19 change to facilitate contact tracing. The previous submission time was 14 days.

14. Members can begin their quest for the BC-12 award at any time during the year. When the 12 months of successful permanents (can include ACP and RM rides) is completed, the member can apply for the award by contacting the Permanents Coordinator. The 12 month medal changes yearly on January 1 - successful 12 month candidates will be credited with the award on the date of the final (the 12th) ride. Medals are awarded annually at the spring social in early March. Revisions are forthcoming to the criteria for the BC-12 award to accommodate the Covid-19 lockdown periods.

15. For the duration of Covid-19 pandemic, permanents can only be ridden in BC. Here are the out-of-province rules, which we may return to one day. Permanents can be cycled anywhere in the world. They can be pre-existing permanent or ACP/RM sactioned brevet routes recognized by, for example, Audax UK or Randonneurs USA. Permanents outside of BC can also be new routes designed following the same procedure as new routes within BC. (Details below). In every case the route must be approved by the BC Randonneurs Permanents Coordinator. To qualify for the BC-12 award, the majority of the permanents and brevets must be cycled in BC (i.e. at least seven).

16. Existing permanent routes can be modified to start somewhere in the middle or to ride a route in reverse. This involves modifying the control card. See: Starting in the Middle & Reverse Direction Permanents.

17. Permanents require confirmation from a Permanents Coordinator before the permanent is offered.

18. Questions and concerns not already addressed here will be provided by the permanent Brevet Coordinator.


Submitting a Route as a Permanent

Permanents can be created from scratch, or adapted from existing ACP/RM brevets (look for routes in the Database or Route Archives). Steps to create or adapt a route as a permanent include:

1. For pre-existing (ACP brevet) routes: Submit a proposals to Permanents Coordinator. The route will be given a permanent number. Alterations to the route sheet and control card may be needed, so allow a little time. The route sheet and control card with its permanent number, will appear on the Permanents Routes page on the web site.

2. For new routes: Submit a proposal with a route name, a route sheet (Excel template here), a control card (control card template) and a map of the route (Ride with GPS) to Permanents Coordinator. For new routes during Covid-19, I've added a control card with spaces for ride day contacts: permanents CC template Covid-19 (Word).The missing piece of the puzzle is to insert the control opening and closing times. To get these figures go to the RUSA calculator. New routes will also appear on the Permanents Routes page.


Organizing a Permanent - Approval to Ride

Once a permanent route has been approved and is posted on the club Permanents Routes page, any member can request to cycle a Permanent.

Beginning July 1, 2020, a signed and properly and fully filled out Event Waiver AND a Covid-19 Waiver [right click to download writable PDFs], which includes ride date, permanent name and number, must be received by the permanent coordinator BEFORE the start of the ride. The submitted event forms must be clearly legible JPGs or PDFs. It is the responsibility of the rider to make sure that the form is in the possession of the coordinator before the ride. (In the case where the rider is the coordinator, the form must be sent to the an agreed upon third party.) If either the Event Waiver or the Covid-19 Waiver is not received before the ride, the ride will not be recognized.

Although the rule states that the Event Waiver and the Covid-19 Waiver must be in the Permanent Coordinator's Inbox before the ride (i.e. at the latest), it is preferable that the form be sent in at least 24 hours before the ride. This allows the coordianator to respond. The coordinator is in contact with other permanents riders, and these riders frequently pass along route information, and more importantly, safety information that will be helpful to the submitting rider.

The coordinator will not necessarily respond to the ride notice before the ride, especially if there has been short notice. If the Entry Waiver, or the Covid-19 Waiver, is incorrectly filled out, the ride may not be recognized. This is another reason to submit the form early so problems can be identified and corrections can be made.

For more discussion and clarification of the entry process go to this newsletter article from June 2017.


After a Completed Permanent

Signed permanent control cards must be submitted to the Permanents Coordinator within 48 hours of a completed ride. Eric Fergusson would prefer to receive your results by e mail - scan your control card (both sides) or take photos and send as an attachments. If you need to send it by post, send cards to:

Eric Fergusson
#307-2770 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6J3J8

Some riders submit reports to the newsletter when rides are eventful.

Permanents Coordinator Eric Fergusson welcomes
any enquiries or suggestions on the Permanent Brevet Program.

Tracy Barill
October 2008

Updated by Eric Fergusson in 2015 & 2019
Updated by Colin Fingler & Eric Fergusson in June 2020


Permanents Coordinator:

Eric Fergusson