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In an effort to provide members with long distance cycling events throughout the year, BC Randonneurs is introducing permanent brevets "Permanents", beginning in October 2008. A Permanent is a structured ride of 200 km or longer that follows ACP brevet rules but with flexibility afforded to the start date and time.

Tracy Barill
October 2008

Tracy Barill was the originator and co-creater, with Bob Koen, of the permanents program for BC Randonneurs. He was co-coordinator of the program from the inseption in 2008 until 2015 when Eric Fergusson took over his possition. Bob Koen stayed on as co-coordintor until 2019. Eric Fergusson took over his position also.

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Permanents 2009 Review (January 2010)

Permanents Coordinator:

Eric Fergusson