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2007 Notes

The image links are a new feature for 2007, and were made possible by the explosion of photos posted on the internet. Further discussion HERE.

Thanks to Oliver "Sherlock" Portway (speedy Australian ancien 1995, 99) who sorted out the mystery of who is who in the group of 10 first finishers, and why they have three different times though they finished together. Further discussion of this HERE.

Thanks to Micheal Lau from Ottawa for doing some of the statistical trench work on the "Participation by Country" and "Stats Summary" pages.

And finally, thanks to Alain Collongues for allowing me to reprint his four excellent statistical analysis articles.


Eric Fergusson, March 2009



Additional - from October 2012:

The 2007 results page has been updated. For my own reference as much as anything else, here is original results page with all those photo links that were there earlier. I hope to get the photo links to the new page as soon as possible.

2007 Results with photo links.


Eric Fergusson, October 2012

The 2007 Stats Summary - 2007 Country Stats.

Alain Collongue's 2007 Statistical Summary Analysis (4 Articles.)

Here are two files of more local interest: 2007 BC Randonneurs & 2007 Canadians.