2007 Notes

Notes about the images on the results page

I'd like to have photos of as many 2007 riders as possible. If you would like to see your photo on this page, why not send it to me. Photos of friends, or anyone else, are also welcome. I'm restricting myself to photos that were taken during the event (or just or after), and finishers only. Send photos to:


The first photos I used were from the extensive 2007 Villaines-la-Juhel control web site gallery. Though no photographer is credited, the photos were probably taken by Denis Transon who took the photos at that control in 1995, 1999 and 2003. I've also drawn from the excellent galleries of Ivo Miesen and Gregg Bleakney. In deference to the photographers, I have linked directly to their image postings, though in some cases where cropping was necessary I have copied the image and placed it on this site. Jean-Julien Kraemer and Christian Lauté, official PBP photographers, also took some excellent photos. Their photos that are in the slide shows on the la Web-tv site can be linked to directly, but most of their best images are in off-site picasa galleries. Unfortunately these image can not be linked to - or at least I can't figure out how to do this. All of these Kraemer and Lauté picasa photos have been borrowed, cropped and are now on this site. I hope they don't mind. Following this I moved on to everyone elses gallerys. Thanks to these photographers, and also to the many cyclists who have directly sent me their own (and friends) PBP photos.

I'm not always sure I've made the right identification - the frame plate and helmet numbers are often not easy to make out - and so I've made a few guesses. If I've made a mistake with you or someone you know, why not let me know about it and I'll correct the problem. Also, if you don't like the photo of yourself, I'll gladly remove it.

Eric F.