IR Journal 1989 or PBP History

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


History of Paris-Brest-Paris
by Phil McCray
(from the Journal of the International Randonneurs - Edition 1989, pages 4-17)


Here is Phil McCray's history of PBP which appeared in the first of two booklets published by the "International Randonneurs" in the years leading up to the PBP Centenary in 1991. The IRs was not actually an international organization - it was the original organizing body for randonneur cycling in the United States. It was later replaced by Randonneurs USA (RUSA).

This is still the best English language source for blow-by-blow accounts of the 7 race PBPs. The coverage is spotty for many of the randonneur events.

No sources are attached to this history, though there was no doubt a French source for the detailed race coverage. Sources for the journal as a whole, however, are referred to in the Preface to the booklet on page 1: "Sources have included Pierre Chany's Fabuleuse Histore du Cyclisme, Jean Durry's La Véridique Histoire des Géants de la Route..." Clifford Graves, Jock Wadley are also credited, with mentions to Robert Lepertel, Jean-Claude Muzellec, Gerry Pareja, Noel Simpson, Jim Konski and Scott Dickson.