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Misc Cycling links:

The Wheelmen (USA - Bicycling Heritage)

Oppy -- Sir Hubert Opperman 1904-1996

Jean Richard's cycling photos (#1 of ....)

Walter Rutt

Gustaf Håkansson "Steel Grandpa"

Nora Young

1901 PBP Poster (alternate location)

Madonna del Ghisallo [gone]

Gerry Pareja's Home Page

Marion Orser's X-Can Page [gone]

Neil Roughley's - My Bicycle Tours in British Columbia [gone]

crazyguyonabike (touring journals)

Cascade Bicycle Club (STP, RSVP,etc.)

Ramrod (246 km, Mt Rainier, WA)

Cen Cols Challenge (100 mountain passes over 10 days)

Encounter With The Unknown (Megan Hackinen's record 2021 BC Epic 1000) - a film by Kenton Gilchrist (Vimeo)

Cycling Preformance Tips (Dick Raforth)

Cycling Introduction (links, etc.

NuVinci CVP Transmission System (hub transmission for bikes, etc.)

Copenhagen Wheel (hybred-like rear wheel) Promo

Elfstedentocht - Dutch canal skating race/event (

Peddle Plow (YouTube)

MC SpandX - Performance (YouTube)
Get Dirty (YouTube)
Le Velo (YouTube)
Bicycle (YouTube)
(all RobinMoore)

Portlandia - Bike Clip (YouTube)

Sh*t Cyclists Say (

Tour de France (Rémi GAILLARD) (YouTube)

Nazis - Vancouver Bike Lanes (YouTube)

Google's Self-driving Bike in the Netherlands (YouTube)

A Bicycle Ride - the long version Braun Nizo (A ride through Vancouver on super 8 - early 1970s looked back on from 2011 by hanssipma)

Angles morts (Commuter Cycling in Paris film - bike lanes etc. - YouTube)

Dear Motorists (a plea to all road users -

Bike Acrobatics (Video)

Bike Acrobatics: Danny MacAskill "Way Backe Home" (YouTube)

Bike Acrobatics: Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party (YouTube)

Bike Acrobatics: Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party 2 (You Tube)

Bicycle Animation (YouTube)

Chain Scupture (YouTube)

Randonneur 10,000 Recipients

Multiple 1200s+ Riders List (Mark Thomas list 2017)

Le Tour (de France)


Don't Feed the Trolls Nicole Sullivan internal links - tests etc:

Schedule Overview - draft schedule working page

Database links from Ryan:
Admin page

BCR admin information

(Webfaction) Site Stats

Test for Randonneur profile: Alfred Legeay

Madonna del Ghisallo (visit the Digital Chapel)

Jean Richard notes - April 2006