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Paris Brest Paris Links:

This was the original location of the PBP Hub - all known PBP links on one page. Soon there was too much content for one page, and so the links (and other information now housed on site) were distributed to different content sections such as results, history, photos, etc. The remaining links (below) are the stragglers that don't quite fit elsewhere.

Misc. PBP Links:

Audax Club Parisien (ACP organizes PBP)
The start/finish city, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelinesy, had its own quasi-official PBP site in 2003. For 2007 a site was created that provided the same function, but now with much more content, including video clips. The new pages are called
PBP la Web-tv. la Web-tv is now gone and not recoverable through web.archive.

Odds & Ends:

Daniel Rebour drawings: nov 1951 - paris-brest-paris (pt 1) & (pt 2)
Race Summary 1961 - notes provided by Jean Richard
Lightning at PBP '95 & '99 (web.archive)
Jan's Vintage Tandem (@ PBP 2003) A description (web.archive)
Christian Scifo page (1999)
Petite Histoire du Train Paris-Brest (web.archive)

From the Paris Brest Restaurant in Quebec City... valet parking from 6 p.m.


Wait... there's a second Paris Brest restaurant - in South West Australia:

Le Paris Brest
22 Haynes St
Kalamunda 6076 WA
Phone: (08) 9293 2752 ...no valet parking