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Alain's Source file (Excel)

Many thanks to Alain Collongues for his exceptional source file. Alain manages the PBP results data for ACP (Audax Club Parisien). Thanks also to ACP for sanctioning the distribution of this information that will be of interest to all cyclotouristes.

The "all participants" and "women's" lists I've posted are simplified versions of Alain's file meant for easy browsing. I've also included Alain's original, so you can run your own sorts.

Eric Fergusson
May 2012

Additional June 2013: Alain has provided an update which includes 167 changes or additions - spelling, birth year, club affiliation, etc. All my files have now been updated.

Recidivists 2015. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to update this information for 2015. Help is welcome.
EF, January 2017