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Newsletter Archives - 2020
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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Chasing the Arrows: PBP 101 by Jacquetta Benard (January)
January 2020 Permanent *** DONE : ) (Permanent 18) by Karen Smith
Permanent 90 Report by Gary Baker
Michael McIntosh Memorial Ride by Colin Finger
Hazy Shade of Winter (Permanent #205) by Barry Monaghan
Permanent Stats 2019 by Eric Fergusson (February)
Dunbar to Derouche (Permanent #78) by Mike Hagen
Fraser Valley Flatlander (Permanent #18) by Karen Smith
Paths to Pastures (Permanent #93) by Mike Hagen (March)
Vancouver Island Early Bird 200 Pre-ride by Lorraine Nygaard
COVID-19 Flatlander (Permanent #18) by Karen Smith
Pandemic Permanents Protocol by Eric Fergusson
Photo Controls (Permanent #18) photos from Étienne Hossack
Island Early Bird 200 by Lorraine Nygaard
Dave Macmurchie Wins 2019 Roger Street Award (April)
April (Non) Permanent by Karen Smith (May)
Patagonia Cycle Tour by Bob Koen
Alex Stieda, Harold Bridge excerpt from an article by Jason Beck
May (Non) Permanent by Karen Smith
For the Record... Official Club Statements About Covid-19 (June)
Mabel in the Middle by Bob Goodison (July)
Permanent Streaks Under Covid-19 and Implications for the BC-12 Award by Eric Fergusson & Colin Fingler
Solo Buccaneer, Pump Optional by Morgan Taylor
Rick's Solo Buccaneer by Rick den Braber
Back to P#18 by Karen Smith
Crazy 8 by Bob Goodison
Two Trains, One Flat, and Tulloch Road (Buccaneer pre-ride 2020) by Alard Malek
My (our) Van Isle 200 (the New Tour of Cowichan Valley) by Gary Baker

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