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Newsletter Archives - 2018
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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2018 Promotional Poster submitted by Mike Croy (January)
1991 Ofiicial PBP Video Now on YouTube EF
January Permanent: Ugh! That was Tough! by Karen Smith
Stormy Sojourns by Stephen Hinde (March)
Another Hail Mary by Karen Smith
Sunny Flatlander by Gary Baker
Chili Story by Lorraine Nygaard
PBP 2015 - "les Récidivistes" by EF
Their First Hell Week - A baby randonneur's experience by Étienne Hossack
Introducing a Randy Benz Award for the Flèche Pacifique by John Oswald (April)
Winter in April at Buntzen by Eric Fergusson
Hardly a Ramble 2 1/2 by Bob Goodsion
Trace Pacifique Rule Correction message from Sophie Matter
Randy Benz Award Appoved by John Oswald (May)
Recent Contributions to the PBP Archive by Eric Fergusson
Report for Crazy 8 300 by Bob Goodison
Seriously... Spuzzum?!? 400 - Route notes, etc by John Oswald
Interlakes 400 Report by Bob Goodison

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