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What is the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club?


The mandate of BC Randonneurs is to organize rides in accordance to the rules of randonneur cycling as practiced by Audax Club Parisien in France. BC Randonneurs was a founding member in 1983, of Randonneur Mondiaux which organizes brevets 1200 km or longer worldwide. Randonneur Cycling is sometimes referred to as marathon cycling and can be described as fast long-distance cycling. The activities of the club and the general information about the sport is discussed more fully elsewhere on this site on this page: An Introduction to Randonneur Cycling.

Randonneur Cycling in British Columbia began in 1979 and for many years operated as a sector of the Bicycle Association of British Columbia (now called cycling BC). In March 1996 BC Randonneurs became an autonomous entity, and is now defined as a 'society' under the Societys Act of British Columbia (Incorporation number: S-35024). Additional historical info HERE.

The club presidency changes yearly. Traditionally the president has been succeeded by the Vice President. All other positions on the Randonneur Committee are reconsidered yearly, though the same person may hold a post for multiple years.



Much of content on this web site can be described as general information and commentary. The information linked from this page is the club's official governance content. When a page's content is offical club policy you'll see the green bar and the words "official page", as seen above. The two PDF files below do not have the green bar marker, but are official pages, and so is the current members list. Here's a list of the offical pages:

Club Constitution, revised Oct 2006, amended to allow mail-in ballots (section 27.(3)) July 2013 [PDF]
Partnership Agreement with Audax Club Parisien, Oct 2005 [PDF] HERE.
Randonneur Rules HERE.
Policy statement defining a BC randonneur brevet or flèche HERE.
Process for introducing a club award HERE.
Current membership list HERE.
Current agenda (for next committee meeting or the immediately past meeting) HERE.

Executive committee minutes HERE.

Contact: Executive Committee by e mail: HERE (Message
goes to all current executive members.)


Randonneur Committee Archive
& Past Presidents List
(1979 - present)


2017 BC Randonneur Committee
(See Brief bios of current club executive members)

Elected Executive:

President: Étienne Hossack -->

Vice President: Nigel Press -->

Treasurer: Jacques Bilinski

Secretary: Colin Fingler

Member at large: Jodi Caddick
Member at large: Chris Cullum -->
Member at large: Will Danicek
Member at large: Stephen Hinde
Member at large: David King-->
Member at large: Cheryl Lynch -->
Member at large: Darren Maclachlan
Member at large: Jeff Mudrakoff -->
Member at large: John Oswald
Member at large: Peter Stary

Non Elected:

Database & Equipment: Ryan Golbeck
LM Brevet Co-coordinator: Gary Baker
Peace Region Brevet Coordinator: Wim Kok
Permanents: Eric Fergusson & Bob Koen
Pins & Medals: Karen Smith
RandoPony Pre-registration: Doug Latornell
Southern Int. Brevet Coordinator: Bob Goodison
Vancouver Island Brevet Coordinator: Mark Ford
Web Site Development: Andy Reimer
Web Site: Eric Fergusson

For a fuller list of the volunteers and ride organizers for any year go to the randonneur committee archive page.

Brief descriptions of the roles/tasks [PDF] associated with various positions.

& Web Site Development
& Lower Mainland Brevet Coordinator


& Clothing

& Equipment
& ACP Correspondent, & Database Co.

& Equipment



Executive meetings are held about ten times a year, The Annual General Meeting (+ ride and brunch) is held in early October. The minutes from the meetings are posted HERE.

Club members are also welcome to attend executive meetings with prior notice to the president or secretary. Contact Étienne or Colin for meeting details. Alternatively you may ask any current executive member to bring forward an issue on your behalf. Upcoming meetings, (agendas posted here 3-4 days before the meeting):

January 12, 2016: Go to: Agenda
February 9, 2016

(Generally the second Tuesday of the month)



BC Randonneurs Cycling Club
e mail: Club Executive
e mail, web site: Eric Fergusson
BC Randonneurs official administrative mailing address:
BC Randonneurs
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