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2014 Lower Mainland Brevets
Randonneurs Go Touring, 200 km
Day 2 - (near) Boston Bar to Pemberton

June 29, 8 a.m.

Ride Organizers:
Susan Allen & Doug Latornell

Start: Canyon Alpine Restaurant, 5 km north of Boston Bar
Finish: Pemberton: Petro-Can

Route Sheet
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Map etc.
(connect.garmin.com following the ride - Cheryl Lynch)

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Route at a glance:

Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.

Notes: Anyone intending to ride the day 2 and/or day 3 routes without doing day 1 needs to contact us (Doug & Susan). All the paperwork will be done at the start of the first ride.