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2011 Lower Mainland Spring Brevets
Cache Creek 600
June 4, 7 a.m.

Ride Organizer:
Nigel Press

Start: Pitt Meadows, Lunch Doctor, 12139 Harris Road (at Ford)
Pitt Meadows, Lunch Doctor or 7-11

Route Sheet [Excel]

Ample overnight parking is available on 190A Street, off Ford Ave, west of Harris Road.

Drop bags will be taken to Spences Bridge (253 and 350 km), and Boston Bar (177 and 427 km), both staffed controls.

Sandwiches can be pre-ordered at Spences Bridge by calling Ray the owner of the Inn at Spences Bridge (250-458-2311).

Two rooms have been reserved at the Inn at Spences Bridge. Accomodation may be limited in Spences Bridge. Other options are the Acacia Grove in Spences Bridge, or Lytton at 386 km. There will be one room at the Green Canyon Motor Inn at Boston Bar.

The Cache Creek control is unstaffed but is open 24 hours.



Following the ride Keith Nichol sent in his garmin connect stats:

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