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Cascade 1200 / 1240 / 1290 - Results Notes

Seattle International Randonneurs


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Many BC Randonneurs have participated in the Cascade 1200 / 1240 / 1400. The quality of the results reporting for the events has historically been very poor, which has been frustrating when I've gone to look for results of our club members. I decided to do my own version of the results in the formate I used elsewhere for BC results, like for Rocky Mountain 1200, VanIsle 1200, Paris Brest Paris, etc. It's been challenging getting the rider information that makes these lists interesting, especially for the more rescent years. The craziest thing about the Cascade 1200 official results is that you can't find them unless you happen to have saved the links from earlier years. They are not on the Cascade 1200 web site, and I can't see them on the SIR site either. I now can't even get to these files by searching. That's ok. We love this event and are happy to do the results for SIR.

Some might enjoy playing with the data in the master file that contains all the information together. Cascade 1200 master file 2005-2022 [Excel].

Corrections and additional information are always welcome. Also if you know of any photos or rider stories, we can link to them.
Eric Fergusson

August, 2022