BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Pin and Medal Archive

When a rider completes a brevet, a finishers pin is awarded. For most randonneur clubs and national organizations this means that a medal, which has been designed and produced by Audax Club Parisien in France, is ordered and received by the rider some time after the event. Randonneur clubs and organizations have the option of designing and producing their own pins. This was the option chosen by the membership of BC Randonneurs in 1985 and the tradition continues today.

Every year there is a call for members to submit pin designs. Shortly after this the randonneur committee selects a winning design. Since 1991 the Flagg and Company, has handled the fine-tuning of the design and production of the pins.

Karen Smith has been the club's pin co-coordinator since 1994, and it was her idea to create a historical record of the pins by collecting together all of the pins she could get her hands on, and arranging them on a bulletin board. Most of the images of the pins on this page are scans of the pins on Karen's board. Thanks to Deirdre Arscott, Harold Bridge, and Dan McGuire for loaning me their pins to fill in the gaps, and to Harold Bridge and Dan McGuire for sorting out who designed the early pins. (Eric F, December, 2001 - revised as necessary)

BC Randonneur Pin Designs (Part 1):
Club Brevets, Flèche Pacifique, Populaires, Volunteer pins, etc

BC Randonneur Pin Designs (Part 2):
Randonneur 500, 1000 pins, Rocky Mt. 1200, etc

Audax Club Parisien Pin Designs:
Randonneur 5000, Super Randonneur, ACP Brevets and Paris - Brest - Paris

Miscellaneous Pins:
L' Union des Audax Français, Audax UK, Randonneurs USA and Randonneurs Mondiaux