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Disclaimer: The results for the randonneur PBP found on these pages can not be regarded as official in any way. The official results can be found on the official PBP web site.

Notes to this Results Section

Following PBP 2007 Alain Collongues (9 time PBP finisher then - now 12) took on the daunting task of improving the accuracy of the randonneur PBP historical results lists. Many small errors were corrected and missing information was added. Names were harmonized to allow accurate multiple PBP completions stats. Precise finishing times for the 1979, 83 and 87 events were added. (In the "plaquettes" [post-event booklet ] for these years, results were in hour groupings.) By 2009 Alain was able to deliver to me a complete Excel file of Canadian PBP finishers, and I believe he was able to do this for other countries as well. The offical results on the PBP web site have also have the benifit of Alain's improvements. I know that Alain had continued to gather information and make corrections until he retired from this before 2015.

Why are the results on this site ordered by finishing time? Until 2003 the results had always been ordered by time. Beginning in 2003 the results were listed alphabetically by rider last name. The organizers made the additional step, on the official PBP web site, of reordering the results before 2003 alphabetically. The results on this site will continue to use the pre-2003 time ordering system, even for the events 2003 and later. The time-ordered results are in the original spirit of PBP randonneur, and have also proven to be very popular.

And then there's the PBP Race results 1891-1951. For the moment I have stuck with the results found in Michel Dargenton's Paris-Brest-Paris: Histoire d'une course decennale, 1891-1951 [Go]. The PBP race results found on the PBP site have fuller information and are probably now the better source. I want to look into it a bit more before switching over to these.

Eric Fergusson
March 2009
(Revised October 2012, April 2020)

PBP Results on line - a brief history
Build it, they will come...

On line PBP results didn't exist when I started up my PBP pages history pages in 1999. PBP has never devoted much energy to online information and the several false starts at PBP web sites did not contain results information. There was definately a thirst for results information so I decided to put something together.

In the beginning I had very little results information beyond the results lists found in my own copies of the 1995 and 1999 plaquettes. A little later I borrowed plaquettes going back to 1979. The problem here was that I would have had to type out the results for these years - an impossibly large task. I nevertheless began the process by setting up the pages and putting a bit of information on each one. For 1931 to 1975 I used just the sparce early finishers ("winners") information from Robert Lepertel's 1986 article History of PBP: Racing and Touring. For 1991, 1995 and 1999 I was able get a hold of electronic files, thanks to the generousity of riders in the international randonneur community. For 1979, 1983 and 1987 I had no choice but to start copying out the results. I typed out only the first 100 names for each of these years. The results from these years were not entirely satisfactory in any case because riders were listed in their hour groupings, so exact times were not indicated.

As time passed I started being contacted by people with more results information, and also corrections. One person to contact me was Jean Richard - note his high placings in PBP 1966 (he was the youngest rider) and in 1971. He passed along a wealth of historical information (photos, news clippings, etc.) about PBPs in this period. He also had the results from 1961 and 1966 which he copied out for me and which I posted here. Then Alain Collongues (this was before he became Audax Club Parisien's PBP results guru) contacted me and copied out the 1971 and 1975 results. Gradually my results pages had become entirely presentable, but still with room for improvement.

In the run up to PBP 2007 everything change when PBP organizers finally floated a credible web site. It included time results. The randonneur results were presented in alphabetical order by finisher's last name, reflecting the 2003 policy change. The early race results were left in finishing order. Fortunately the results files on the PBP site were in table formate and could be pasted into a spread sheet file and then easiely be reorded by time. I was finally able to fill in the gaps. The results generated this way would still not be 100% historically accurate because riders would not be listed in the correct order in their minute group. Still, it was a big step forward.

Then Alain! As mentioned above, Alain Collongues did a thorough revamping of the PBP results following PBP 2007 and now these are the result we find on the PBP site. More than this it means that there is now a master database file in France with all know PBP finisher information. This includes information that is not on the PBP site such as rider age, precise finishing possition, and number of PBP finishes. It is the electronic version of the "Great Book" (containing all PBP finishers) that Bill Bryant refers to in his 1999 article A Short History of Paris Brest Paris. There is a version of this master list, without rider ages and number of PBP finishes, on this site: PBP Results All Years.


Additional from April 2020:

Following PBP 2019 PBPresults.com site appeared. It's a wonderful tool, which more of less makes the results section on this site obsolete. It gives you any PBP information that you could image. I love this site. In the bottem right hand corner it says "Made in Canada". I have no idea who did this, but I'd sure like to know.

Eric Fergusson,
Vancouver, Canada

The official results on the official PBP site has become the primary data source for the results on this site. I would nevertheless like to thank the people who helped build the previous results lists at a time when information was more scarce.


PBP Race Results:

The 1891 - 1951 time results (the race years) are from Paris-Brest-Paris: Histoire d'une course decennale, 1891-1951 by Michel Dargenton. Part of this text is online: Dargenton - Home. Here's a direct link to the results hub: Palmarès Paris-Brest-Paris 1891-1951.

PBP Randonneur Results:

The results for 1931-1975 origianlly only contain early finisher (winners') information. It came from Robert Lepertel's 1986 article History of PBP: Racing and Touring.

The 1961 & 1966 results were later provided by Jean Richard from France (now living in Germany.) Merci Jean.

The 1971 & 1975 results were provided by Alain Collongues from France. Merci Alain.

A 1991 database report was provided by Herluf Jensen from Denmark. (He is web master at randonneur.dk) Thanks Herluf.

A 1995 database report was provided by Gerry Pareja. A version of this file can be found on his own PBP pages: HERE. Thanks Gerry.

The 1999 database report was briefly posted online by Audax Club Parisien in the fall of 1999. John Bates had the foresight to save the file and kindly passed it along to me in 2004. Thanks John.

The 2003 database report was selectively distributed by ACP in late October 2003, and was forwarded to me by Réal Préfontaine, the out-going Randonneur Mondiaux President. Thanks Réal.

The plaquettes (the PBP follow-up booklets) were an indispensable resource for checking details from the other result sources. I have the plaquettes for the years I rode PBP: 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007. Thanks to Dan McGuire and Harold Bridge from here in British Columbia, I also have copies of the plaquettes from 1979, 1983, 1987 and 1991.

Bonus! Here is the finishers list from PBP Audax 1976 (from the Audax 1976 plaquette)